Montel Allen

News Intern

Montel Allen is majoring in Journalism at UWM. During his time there, he has led the Voices of Milwaukee student organization. Montel has also reported on a plethora of topics regarding Milwaukee, including these two pieces for Media Milwaukee: Faces of UWM: The Pianist and 500 UW-Milwaukee Students “Make a Difference” for Elders.

He interned with WUWM’s News Department during the spring semester of 2016. Montel's ultimate goal is to inform while entertaining.


Eight-hundred and eighty-eight. According to a recent study, that's how many people died from drug overdoses in Wisconsin between 2012 and 2015. 

Montel Allen

On Wednesday, the Food and Drug Administration announced a ban on selling electronic cigarettes to minors as well as a requirement that e-cigs display warnings that they contain nicotine.

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Montel Allen

A manufacturing group in Milwaukee, the Association of Equipment Manufacturers released an app on Tuesday - aimed at educating workers within the industry and encouraging them to vote this fall.

The game is called ‘I Make America’ and is available to the general public.

AEM spokesman Michael O’Brien says the app is part of group’s five-year-old campaign to educate manufacturing workers about issues that should matter to them, and especially during this election season.

Montel Allen

Milwaukee siblings Que and Khalif El-Amin see themselves as innovators. Yet for them, it’s not enough. They want young Milwaukee kids, who might otherwise be left behind or overlooked, to believe they are innovators who just don’t know it yet.

"When we first get to the school, I think a vast majority them don’t see themselves as innovators, but after our workshops and after they see us, I think that builds their confidence up. It builds their knowledge level up," Khalif says.


Many UW System graduates must start paying back their student loans six months after leaving school. The average grad here faces about $30,000 worth of student debt. An effort is underway to persuade employers to adopt a new benefit for workers: help pay down student loans.

Tim DeMello is CEO and founder of a Boston startup by the name of Gradifi.

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While we all may have forgotten or failed to return something to a library, Wisconsin's 381 public libraries are missing tons of unreturned materials. Now some legislators are advancing a bill that tells libraries they can use collection agencies and law enforcement in serious cases of overdue property.