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Heroes of "Hollow Earth" Breathe Life, Adventure Into Art

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Mitch Teich

Have you ever looked at a painting in an art gallery and wished you could become part of the world the artist created? Certainly, it’d be nice to spend some time in Claude Monet’s world, and it would be an adventure to make your way through an M.C. Esher drawing.

Matt and Emily Calder can actually do that. Well, actually is kind of a strong word, since they’re fictional characters. But they’re the heroes of “Hollow Earth,” the new fantasy-adventure novel for young adults by Milwaukee writer Carole Barrowman and her brother John Barrowman. John is better-known for his acting work, including his role as Captain Jack Harkness that originated on the BBC series “Doctor Who,” and was spun off to the series “Torchwood.”

Both Barrowmans were in Milwaukee recently for a reading at Alverno College, where Carole also teaches, and they were kind enough to stop by the studio for an entertaining chat with each other, and with Lake Effect's Mitch Teich.

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Supplemental audio from Lake Effect's Mitch Teich's interview with John and Carole Barrowman.

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