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58% of Wisconsin Residents Think State is Heading in the Right Direction

Wisconsin Economic Scorecard

The Wisconsin Economic Scorecard asked hundreds of Wisconsin residents how feel about the state's economy.

More than half believe Wisconsin is headed in the right direction, about the same percentage as one year ago. When it comes to job creation, slightly more than half the respondents are dissatisfied while just under half are satisfied.

The survey also asked residents what they think about a potential tribal casino in Kenosha, a proposed iron ore mine in the north woods as well as a new downtown Milwaukee basketball arena.

Respondents favored the mine, were nearly split on a Kenosha casino and oppose the use of sales tax money to build a new arena.

The quarterly survey is conducted by UW-Milwaukee’s Center for Urban Initiatives and Research, in association with WUWM and and is managed by Joseph Cera. His team surveyed 427 Wisconsin residents, with the resulting poll having a margin of error of plus/minus 4.7 percent.