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Simmer Truck Looks Forward to Warming Up Milwaukee This Winter


Back in June, Steve Perlstein visited Lake Effect to introduce us to The Simmer Truck. Five months later, the truck is thriving.

Steve Perlstein and his wife, Jennifer Block, operate The Simmer Truck - serving Milwaukeeans soup, paninis and cookies. Over the past five months, their food truck has become well-known in Milwaukee.

“The best part of it has been how gratifying it is that we’ve done this and people have responded and we have, in a really short amount of time, to be successful at it,” says Perlstein.

With the cold months coming, their business is getting even better. The husband and wife team also cater from the truck, which has helped the business far more than predicted. They are now being booked for private parties and holiday parties and have a a lunch delivery service.

The Simmer Truck has been concocting new soups and paninis to cater to their gluten-free and vegan customers. That is an exciting challenge for Jennifer as she tries out different recipes at home.

One challenge for Steve, that he did not predict, is the amount of maintenance the truck needs. Fortunately, he has been able to get help from other Milwaukee food truck owners.

If you are interested in booking The Simmer Truck for an event or to find out where they are going to be when you are yearning for soup, visit their webpage.