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Reinventing Downtown Milwaukee

Ian Freimuth

Downtown Milwaukee could be at the cusp of something big. But will our city's leadership capitalize on it?

As voters go to the polls around Wisconsin, it is with the feeling that the direction of the state will be determined in large part by the winners of today’s midterm elections.

But the wheels are already turning on a multitude of projects that stand to shape the future of downtown Milwaukee. And the fate of several other key issues and potential projects could be decided in the months to come.

The interrelationship of these projects came together in Milwaukee Magazine's November cover story, authored by assistant editor Dan Shafer. He spoke with Lake Effect's Mitch Teich about the many proposals fruition or face public backlash. 

"People aren't sure the will is there this time around. There's just a general sense too, if you look at the very big picture of any kind of political climate going on right now regardless of what party it is, people aren't always convinced that leadership is able to solve big problems," Shafer says.

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