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Astronaut Chris Hadfield's Perspective Of The World


In the days since the Apollo missions, few astronauts have attained icon status the way Chris Hadfield has.

A retired colonel in the Canadian Air Force, Chris Hadfield was the first Canadian Commander of the International Space Station, and was undoubtedly the most prolific and popular Tweeter from outside the earth’s atmosphere.


He’s also an accomplished author and photographer, his new book features some of his best photos from space on the ISS. It’s called You Are Here: Around the World in 92 Minutes. Chris joined Lake Effect's Bonnie North in the studio when he was in Milwaukee earlier this month to talk about his new book.

"I took 45,000 pictures while I was up there for half a year, but who wouldn't?," Hadfield says. "I mean, you would too. The world just shows off all the time, the variety of it, and the beauty of it, and the surprise of it, and the things you just didn't expect are so different than what you saw on a map."

And when people refer to him as a rock-star astronaut, that’s not just metaphorical – this is his recording of David Bowie’s classic, Space Oddity:

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