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Rediscovering The True Roots Of French Cuisine


When most people think about French cuisine, multiples courses, immaculate preparation and presentation, and maybe even intimidation comes to mind.

The fine French meal is often a night out that people aspire to. Many steps above that impulsive trip out to Applebee’s, or even the night on the town at the brewpub. 

It turns out that much of what we think of as the fine French meal can trace its history back to a single source – Auguste Escoffier. 

"He's the master of French cuisine. Escoffier was around many years ago, but he modernized it. He made it what it is today. Without him we wouldn't have the systems or the recipes in place that are with us today," says Lake Park Bistro executive chef Adam Siegel.

Escoffier's legacy is also at the heart of what’s being called the Escoffier Dinnertomorrow evening- a project of Siegel and food writer, TV host and Lake Effect contributor Kyle Cherek. They both joined Lake Effect's Bonnie North in the studio to discuss the food, and the master chef behind it.

"I love this style of cooking, it's very classic. I base my cooking on the classics. I never try to modernize everything that I do or that I want to be capable of doing in the kitchen. So this for me is a tribute to something I am very fond of," says Siegel.

Tomorrow evening’s Escoffier Dinner is sold out and currently only accepting wait list reservations.

Bonnie North
Bonnie joined WUWM in March 2006 as the Arts Producer of the locally produced weekday magazine program Lake Effect.