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Three Women on Leaving a Religious Sect Where Wearing Pants Was Sinful

The Nine

Secret bible studies, anorexia, alcoholism and a dress code that excludes women from wearing pants. These are some of the things three women experienced during their time in Hutterite colonies in Canada.

Junia Waldner, Glenda Maendel, and Darlene Waldner are part of The Nine, a group of people who left the religious sect to freely pursue their Christian faith and join the modern world. 

The Hutterites are a distinct religion that share some traditions with other Anabaptist faiths – things like simple dress and general separation from the modern world. But the religion can also be repressive.

Sister and brother Sheryl and Rodney Waldner spoke to Lake Effect in February, and now Junia and Darlene Waldner and Glenda Maendel are opening up about their experiences as well.

The Nine have written two books about their decision to leave their past lives, and now live and work in Park Falls, Wisconsin.