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A Leap of Faith: A Conversation With Singer-Songwriter Jess Klein
Singer/songwriter Jess Klein

There comes a time in an artist's life when they have the desire and the resources to do what they want, and not worry about what a record label, producer, or even fans are asking for. 

Such is the case for Austin-based singer/songwriter Jess Klein.  Her latest album is called Learning Faith.  Leaning towards a concept album, Klein drew upon raw emotions and the aspect of faith in many areas of life. 

"I’ve always had an interest in spirituality. I’ve never had a religion but I’ve always felt a longing to connect to something bigger," says Klein.

Klein decided to express certain emotions and ideas in her new work without worrying about whether the songs would have radio popularity.

"I've always been sort of taking leaps of faith - you just put yourself out there. Whether it's showing up to the gig and hoping people come, or putting out an album and hoping you raise enough money to make it, or writing a new song and hoping people connect with it. Those are kind of all leaps of faith. There's no guarantee when this is your life," says Klein.

Austin-based singer/songwriter Jess Klein is currently touring the Upper Midwest with her partner Mike June.