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WI Senate Minority Leader: Bipartisanship Needed to Fix Roads & Bridges

Dave Reid, flickr

There have been some major policy issues debated in Wisconsin over the past few months – from changes to the board that oversees elections, to the future of the education and the state’s role in economic development. Most, if not all, of the changes coming from Madison have been made along partisan lines, as Republicans control both houses of the legislature and the governor’s seat.

That makes for a challenging period for Democrats in the legislature, including Senate Minority Leader Jennifer Shilling, who represents La Crosse and other parts of western Wisconsin.

One area Shilling hopes the right and left can work together is infrastructure projects.

"A study came out that 71% of Wisconsin roads and bridges are in disrepair," she says. "So, it should not be a Democratic or a Republican issue...but really it needs to be both parties coming together to look at a long-term, sustainable funding mechanism for our roads."