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Adam Johnson's 'Fortune Smiles' Wins National Book Award

Random House

The last time Lake Effect spoke with writer Adam Johnson, his novel, The Orphan Master’s Son, had recently been released to some critical acclaim.

And not too long after his visit to Milwaukee, the critical acclaim increased exponentially when he and the book were awarded the Pulitzer Prize for fiction. Johnson was back in Milwaukee last month to talk about his latest book, a collection of stories called Fortune Smiles.

And following the previous storyline, it was just a short time later that Johnson and the world learned that his latest book had been honored with the National Book Award.

However for Johnson, the goal in writing is not to win prizes, but to express the challenges we feel navigating life. "The truth of the human heart and its delicacies and transformations as we move through life is something that I want to capture and try to present to the reader," he says..