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Five Outdoor, Earth Day Activities to Do in Southeastern Wisconsin

Even though many trees are still bare, early springtime blooming flowers include daffodils, tulips, pacifica and lilacs.

As Earth Day approaches, Stacy Tornio of the Destination Nature has some suggestions for getting outside this week.  

1. Find Flowers

In early springtime, you can see daffodils, pacifica, tulips and lilacs. "Even though it's kind of bare out there, the flowers you do see are so bright and fresh and its makes you happy," says Tornio.

Credit Urban Ecology Center /
Many places such as the Urban Ecology Center celebrate Earth Day all month with many activities and volunteering opportunities such as planting new trees.

2. Earth Day of Service

"A big component of Earth Day is giving back and showing that you are preserving the area around you and caring for the earth. The Urban Ecology Center has an Earth Day of Service at their three branches that you can just drop in and help out, help clean, be outside. And it's a really good way to show even your kids that there's an easy way to give back and protect the earth."

3. Visit the Retzer Nature Center in Waukesha

The center has several free events for their Earth Week Celebration including raptor events, bird walks and canoe outings. "It's just a really good way to get out there, go on the trails, see some birds and get involved."

Credit Dennis Murphy / Flickr

4. Bird Watch/Walks 

As the weather changes, you can see more blue birds, orioles, warblers, humming birds and even a group of pelicans in the Horicon Marsh. If you have children and want to take a guided bird walk, the Schiltz Audobon Nature Center is a great place to visit that is close to the city, Tornio says.

"The reason that it's such a good time to see birds right now, and especially for that the leaves haven't come in yet," she explains. "So if you're wanting to really see birds and not have to search through all that business, this is the time to go."

Credit Urban Ecology Center /
Spring time also means the return of frogs and other aquatic species to local ponds and marshes. Frogs can be found in places such as the Washington Park Lagoon and Saveland Park.

5. Listen for Frogs

"If you go out to pretty much any kind of pond/swampy area right at dusk and it's pretty quiet out, you will almost be guaranteed to hear frogs and that chirping. It is the coolest thing, this's really cool to hear in person."