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Milwaukee Author Takes Readers on a Difficult Emotional Journey

Lauren Fox

Lauren Fox's third novel, Days of Awe, is a first person narrative that sends it's protagonist, Isabel, on a very difficult journey.

Throughout the course of a year, the character loses her best friend and her marriage. Isabel also metaphorically loses her daughter, a fairly typical teenager with the mood swings.

Though the subject of loss is central to the story, the insights gained is what author Lauren Fox focuses on, in ways that are both heartbreaking and darkly funny. “I didn’t want this book to be about a character spiraling out of control and then killing herself. I wanted it to be more nuanced and ambiguous," Fox says.

The structure of the book is something new for the author. "The chronology and shape of this story was a big leap for me because my other books have been much more linear," she explains.

“When I’m get so immersed in the story and it’s really the loveliest part of writing. The characters live in your brain and you’re just a little bit obsessed with the story and it’s constantly moving around," Fox says.

Milwaukee author Lauren Fox's newest novel, Days of Awe, comes out in paperback today. Her other works include Still Life with Husband and Friends Like Us.

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