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Ex Fabula: Love

Photo by Art Montes
Storytellers Fernando Gutierrez (left) and Matt Schreck.

Love is strange. We crave it and are scared of it at the same time. When you have it you feel invincible, but when it is gone you would do anything to get it back. This week we explore love with a longer story from Fernando Gutierrez and Matt Schreck.

Fernando and Matt took to the stage at our Crossing Over event in October of 2014. Matt was born in Wauwatosa and Jose in Mexico. In 2007, Matt went to Los Angeles for work and Jose went for school. They met online, fell in love, built a life together. When they decided to get married, however, thing got complicated – until one special, chaotic day in Milwaukee.

Speaking of Milwaukee, we're teaming up with Historic Milwaukee to present a special StorySlam in September as part of Doors Open Milwaukee, and we're currently accepting pitches for stories. Have a story like Jose and Matt's that features a Milwaukee building or neighborhood? Visit the Ex Fabula website to learn more about how you could be a featured tellers at this noncompetitive event!

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