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Milwaukee's Wooldridge Brothers Launch New Album: 'Starts At Dusk'

Nick Pipitone
Wooldridge Brothers

A new album from the Milwaukee-based Wooldridge Brothers is always something to look forward to. 

The brothers, Scott and Brian, have been making music together for awhile. Mostly based in Milwaukee (Scott moved to Minneapolis a few years ago), the band showcased at South by Southwest in the late ’90s. Since then they’ve had songs placed in films such as Contact and Some Mother’s Son, and on TV shows like Party of Five. The band has also kept touring and putting out albums pretty regularly, even as Scott has pursued a solo career in Minneapolis and Brian has gone out on tour in support of other acts.

On Friday, August 4th they’ll introduce their latest album Starts at Dusk at a launch party at Anodyne Coffee in Walker’s Point. The brothers acknowledge it's been quite awhile since their previous album, but they think it's been worth the wait.

"Over quite a few months, we continued to record and sort of refine and finesse the sound," Scott explained. "This album definitely took us awhile to do but I think that worked to our advantage as far as really being able to get the sound we wanted and make the quality consistently high."

The Starts at Dusk launch party begins at, well, dusk... 8pm on August 4th.

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