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Ex Fabula: The Stories We Tell

Kat Schleischer
Storyteller Lynn Celek
Credit Art Montes
Storyteller Sue Blaustein.

Lights...camera...action! It’s time for the 2017 Milwaukee Film Festival!  For the next two weeks the city will be abuzz with special events and screenings of nearly 300 new films. Ex Fabula is excited to return as a Community Partner for Shorts: Stories We Tell. We at Ex Fabula love a good, true, personal story and so naturally we love the wide-ranging collection of personal narratives in this category.

Speaking of stories, you have waited long enough. Our first StorySlam of Ex Fabula Season 9 is coming up on October 17! The theme is "What Could Go Wrong?" With a theme like that, we know there’s bound to be plenty of surprises. October also brings back our Equal Access Storytelling Workshops along with several other special storytelling and workshop events. Visit ExFabula.org for all the details.

This week, with the variety of narratives in the upcoming 'Shorts' in mind, we’re sharing our own wonderful short stories, found in our archives.

When Lynn Celek informed her parents that instead of getting a job after college, she decided to buy a one-way ticket to Portugal, her Dad was less than thrilled. Undeterred, she followed through with her plans, and arrived in Portugal a few days before Valentine’s Day. At first, she was relieved to have escaped the dreaded Hallmark holiday. However, Lynn’s first week abroad ended up surprising her in more ways than one.

Sue Blaustein’s grandfather is a legend - not just in his family, but in the medical community as well. Or rather, her grandfather is legendarily notorious.  In this “Change of Heart” story from January of 2017, Sue shares the story of her grandfather’s brilliance as an obstetrician, researcher, and inventor; as well as how his brilliance and arrogance eventually became his downfall.

Listen to these great stories we tell, right here: