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Ex Fabula: Naughty Or Nice?

Art Montes
Storyteller Jude Kave

With the holiday season in full gear, some of us may be reflecting on whether we’ve been naughty or nice this year. While some people seem to walk the line between the two fairly well, others end up on “Team Naughty” whether they mean to or not – which brings us to this week’s stories.

Our first teller, Jude Kave, shared the story of a wild trip to Colorado with his buddies at the “Misunderstood” StorySlam held in October. After a sleep-deprived 16-hour drive and car troubles in the mountains, Jude and his friends went on the Coors Brewery tour. There, they met a vocal German visitor and took him on a uniquely American adventure that involved whiskey, a quasi-kidnapping, and late night QDOBA.

Credit Katherine Schleisher
Storyteller Patrick Schmitz

Patrick Schmitz, our second teller, also went on an adventure – this one was uniquely Milwaukee. As he explained at the “Theory & Practice” StorySlam in April of 2011, his first professional theater gig in this city was with a theater company housed in an unassuming building near Water Street. Patrick didn’t know downtown Milwaukee very well, though, and when he pulled up on Juneau Avenue and saw the sign for a Performance Center, he figured he was in the right place. But when he asked where rehearsal was, he discovered very different kind of show was happening there.

Decide for yourself who was naughty or nice by listening to their stories here:

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