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Poem: Ode To The Plow Drivers


An unscheduled snow day inspired this most recent poem from Lake Effect contributor Ed Makowski:

Driving behind a plow truck
watching the driver choose their line
which blades to
scour the cement the angle, the height,

like being
handed a pickaxe,
instructed to execute
precise surgical maneuvers
while avoiding invisible snow-covered
banana peels, concrete isles,

and that one
car, parked
in the middle of the block.

I wonder if they ever
think of themselves
as sculptors
of a grand scale

I hope so.
I hope so.
I hope so.

Milwaukee poet and Lake Effect contributor Ed Makowski is one of dozens of poets who will read from their work at Woodland Pattern’s 25th annual Poetry Marathon, which runs this weekend at the shop in Riverwest.

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