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'Unsolved' Continues Exploring Potential Suspects In Wisconsin Priest's 1998 Murder

Courtesy of the Milwauke Journal Sentinel

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's true crime series Unsolved explores cold cases from Wisconsin through both print reporting and an accompanying podcast. Its third season began earlier this year and features a two decade old crime in the small town of Dane, outside Madison. It looks at the murder of Alfred Kunz, a somewhat controversial Catholic priest that died in Dane in violent circumstances.

Gina Barton, the reporter behind the series, says that at this point after the seventh installment, the series is about halfway completed and there are multiple suspects. One of the more interesting people surrounding this case is a waitress who was close to Kunz.

"She claimed that she saw his murder in a vision..." says Barton, who includes that the woman says she did not see the face of the supposed murderer. "But she also knew some other things that the police were like, well either she was there, she talked to the person who did it, or she actually is clairvoyant," she says.

There will also be an Unsolved: The Devil You Know live event. More details regarding the live event will be released on the podcast's website.