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‘Mushroom Mike’ Jozwik’s Impact On Milwaukee Restaurants

Consider the humble mushroom. You might have a few growing in your yard right now, especially if it’s not so well-drained. However, it's the more exotic varieties that may well grace your plate if you eat at some Milwaukee-area restaurants, especially the ones particular about their mushrooms.

Many of those mushrooms are harvested by one person in particular, Michael Jozwik (also known as Mushroom Mike). His work is the subject of a piece in the current issue of Milwaukee Magazine by dining critic and senior editor Ann Christenson.

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"Restaurants are more keyed into what's happening in the seasons, especially in Wisconsin, and are wanting to utilize some of these more unusual mushrooms," she notes. "These weren’t mushrooms we were seeing in restaurants before."

Christenson joined Lake Effect's Mitch Teich in the studio to share more insights into Milwaukee's mushroom scene, and the fun guy that helps supply it:

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