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Fit For You: GYMGUYZ


Fitness trends come and go over the years, but several trends that have held strong are formats such as functional movement, high intensity interval training, and a greater shift towards holistic wellness. But while trends have changed, a constant has been the need to go to a gym or a studio space in order to participate in these workouts. 

One company is trying to change that. GYMGUYZ was founded 11 years ago and it brings the gym to its clients through a mobile gym. Certified personal trainers drive red vans filled with over 365 pieces of equipment to deliver customized and creative workouts for people whether it’s at home, work, or any other place a van can park.

Scott Corsi is the owner of GYMGUYZ in Milwaukee and he says the idea of being a part of a non-traditional fitness company intrigued him.

Credit Image courtesy of GYMGUYZ
Franchise owner Scott Corsi and his wife Cindy stand in front of one of the Milwaukee-area GYMGUYZ's van.

“The concept was unique in that it was a mobile operation as opposed to a brick and mortar gym. We felt like this gave us an opportunity in this marketplace to reach people that you would not find in a gym setting,” he notes.

The "GUYZ" in GYMGUYZ stands for Genuine, Unique, You can do it, Zero Excuses according to Joshua Harrison, franchise operations manager.

"It'll be specific to that individual meeting them where they're at - literally and figuratively." - Joshua Harrison, GYMGUYZ franchise operations manager.

If a trainer is coming to meet someone directly, there is a better sense of trust established and a greater sense of accountability from the client, according to Corsi.

"When you have somebody focused on your fitness routine, you get a lot more out of it than if you're doing this stuff on your own," he says.

The format of GYMGUYZ has benefits far beyond the clients being coached through their workouts - it also allows more professional growth for the trainers.

"These coaches will get exposed to clients that wouldn't ordinarily come through the doors of a typical brick and mortar gym," adds Corsi. "So that's exciting for a coach to see that opportunity, to be able to help more people than what they may or have in the past."

Credit Image courtesy of GYMGUYZ

From novice exercisers, to athletes, to seniors, GYMGUYZ hopes to break down the barriers to fitness and take out the intimidation factor in order to help people maintain a healthy lifestyle. Corsi notes that when trainers visit their clients at home, a closer bond is established that goes beyond getting a workout in for the day.

"[The clients] open themselves up as to what's going on in their lives, and some of the stuff is very emotional. And just knowing that we can truly help these people is exciting for me," he says.

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