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Unofficial Packers Anthem 'I Love My Green Bay Packers!' Is Given New Life

Screenshot / Jason Fabus
West Coast Prost performing the new "I Love My Green Bay Packers!" with the original writer and composer Eddy Lemberger (center).

Eddy Lemberger wrote the song “I Love My Green Bay Packers!” in 1993. The song celebrated the success of the Packers and the fact that the NFL team from the smallest city had fans from all across the country. It went on to become an unofficial anthem for Packer fans everywhere.

Credit Courtesy of Eddy Lemberger
Original cassette cover from 1993.

Jason Fabus first heard the song during the 1996–1997 season as an eight-year-old diehard Packer fan.

“I still remember it to this day, and for years now, as I’ve been getting older I’ve been thinking, ‘I would like to do it again, I’d like to get in touch with Ed and it’s time to bring it back’,” says Fabus.

So he found Lemberger on Facebook and asked if he would be willing to partner with Fabus’ band West Coast Prost to remake the hit song and Lemberger agreed.

“I had thought about re-releasing ‘I Love My Green Bay Packers!’ for years but I just have to thank Jason really because without his input, without him connecting with me, this thing would have never happened,” says Lemberger. "I think the song is in better shape than its ever been."

The new release of the song leans even more into the polka genre, which Fabus says was intentional to capture the feeling of Wisconsin.


“Just like being a Packer fan is a big part of Wisconsin tradition, so is polka music,” he says.

The song also updated some of its lyrics, changing references to Willard Scott and Mike Ditka to Ellen DeGeneres and the Kardashians (but Oprah did get to stay from the original). Lemberger says he hopes this isn’t the last update to the song and that it can continue to grow.

“I’ve been with this song for 28 years, in 28 years Jason’s gonna be — I’m not sure how old but — who knows, he might resurrect it again,” says Lemberger. “And the song will keep living on.”

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