Border Awareness Experience Shows Marquette Students The Frontlines of Immigration

Mar 23, 2018

Since the election of President Donald Trump, the conversation around U.S. immigration has been tense. As Trump’s calls for a border wall have become more fervent, the realities of what it takes to emigrate to this country have often been obscured. Marquette University hoped to illuminate the experience of crossing the U.S. border in an immersive spring break trip to Texas. The school’s Border Awareness Experience gave students an up-close look at the emigration process by visiting detention centers and courthouses - and fostering conversations with undocumented immigrants and refugees.

Kimberly Murillo was one of the students who ventured down to El Paso, with Bernado Avilo-Borunda, the assistant director of campus ministry at Marquette. They spoke with Lake Effect’s Joy Powers.