Broaden Your Horizon & 'Think About The Wonderful Cosmos Out There'

May 23, 2019

Every month, astronomer and contributor Jean Creighton joins us to talk about the cosmos. While the cosmos, full of its different stars, planets, and physics concepts can be intimidating, Creighton says we should allow ourselves to wonder at the beauty. Plus, it's actually healthy if you feel like some of the concepts allude you.

"If you look up and see stars and you realize how far that light has come, and you really get a sense of where we are in the cosmos. Even if you don't know the details and you don't know the physics - it doesn't matter," says Creighton. "It really makes a heartwarming experience that, 'Wow, I’m part of this wonderful, beautiful place.'"

Creighton joins Lake Effect's Bonnie North in the studio to talk about how everyone can be more in tune with the cosmos and broaden their perspectives: