Ex Fabula: Power, Dissent, & Youth Empowerment

Sep 2, 2017

The official start to Ex Fabula Season 9 isn’t until October. However, like football (only more fun) we, too, have a pre-season line-up for you beginning on September 7th. Join us at the Milwaukee Art Museum for Ex Fabula: Power, Dissent & Youth Empowerment. Experience the personal and the political in storytelling, through stories inspired by the nineteenth-century ceramics of David Drake and the work of Rashid Johnson and other artists of the African diaspora. Brief talks to familiarize guests with these works will be provided in the galleries in advance. Admission is free.

This week with Milwaukee youth in mind, we’ve got two different stories about working with youth. We hope that both of them inspire you to reflect on your own stories of power and youth.

JaCarrie Carr knows what it’s like to grow up underprivileged. And it was that memory that inspired him to find a way to get a young boy he knew, with holes in his shoes, new kicks to try out for the basketball team. And then another and another. Listen in to learn how one act of kindness has led to an entire movement, JaCarrie Kicks4Kids and how JaCarrie is teaching the young (and sometimes old) self-empowerment.

Zak Heimerl has had many memorable students over his nine years teaching English. However, Jeffery he’ll always remember for the lesson he learned not the lesson he taught. When the rest of the 8th grade teachers decided to have a meeting to discuss “What to do about” flamboyant, outspoken, often spontaneous, Jeffery, Zak listened, though he loved having Jeffery in his class. When Jeffery’s mom confronted the group to ask why her son was now being tracked “like an animal,” Zak came to a very disturbing realization of his own:

There is still time to apply for the Season 9 Ex Fabula Fellowship focusing on race and place, talking to kids about race, race and public health. This amazing program has been making a big impact throughout Milwaukee and we need you to keep the conversation going. The Deadline is September 12, so get your application in today!