Ex Fabula: Practice Makes Perfect

Jan 26, 2019

Practice Makes Perfect. It’s widely recognized that the more you do something – the more time you spend on it, and the more you repeat it – the better you’re likely to get it. Most of us may never reach perfection, but it doesn’t stop us from continuing to try.

For our first storyteller, Jim W., it took lots of practice, and application of that practice for him to feel confident as a storyteller. Even though he has spent much of his adult life speaking in front of people as a professor, he acknowledged big differences between that and storytelling at the "Acquired Taste" StorySlam in March of 2017. From the buzz of adrenaline to the pressure of telling a personal story to the unintentionally intimidating timekeeper, a lot can go wrong. But it’s all worth it for the moments that go right – thanks to years of practice.

Storyteller Nolan E.
Credit Ex Fabula

Our second teller, high schooler Nolan E., took the stage at the "Risking It" curated StorySlam at the South Milwaukee PAC in November 2017 . He shared his experience taking an “Easy-A” art class that was more challenging than anticipated. Over the course of a semester, his teacher held him to a higher standard than he held himself, which required him to practice and refine his art skills. He realized projects like self-portraits weren’t in any way “easy,” and that his teacher wasn’t going to be easy on him either. But did he end up earning that A grade?  Listen here to find out:

Upcoming events: Could storytelling be as addictive for you as it became for Jim? Give it a try! The next General Public Storytelling Workshop will be held from 10 a.m. to noon Saturday, Feb. 2 at 5Wise Workshop, 3524 W. National Ave. Plus, mark your calendar for the next competitive StorySlam, with the theme of “Damaged Goods,” coming up at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 20 at Lakefront Brewery. Visit exfabula.org/tickets for more information.