Great Lakes Baroque Debuts in Milwaukee

Sep 16, 2015

Chicago native and harpsichordist Jory Vinikour has busy schedule. He splits his time between the Midwest and France, he gives numerous solo performances around the world and is also in demand as an accompanist for solo singers as well as in the opera pit. He’s a two time Grammy award nominee and is recognized as one of the great musicians of his generation.

He is also the founder, along with Philippe Leroy, of Milwaukee’s newest musical ensemble, Great Lakes Baroque. Having performed around the world himself, Vinikour wanted to bring some of the best music played by some of the finiest musicians to the Midwest and beyond.

"I think there is an increasingly passionate population who wishes to listen to baroque music, and that population is by no means an aging public," Vinikour says. "I find young people are absolutely taken either with performing themselves of course, or with listening to baroque music."

The Great Lakes Baroque ensemble’s inaugural concert is Sunday evening at 7:30 at St Joseph’s Convent Chapel on South Layton Boulevard in Milwaukee.