Milwaukee Filmmakers Premiere Virtual-Reality Sports History Film At Sundance

Jan 25, 2019

There are two groups of Milwaukee filmmakers premiering their films at the Sundance Film Festival this year. One of those films is a short documentary by a production company called Custom Reality Services. Filmmakers Brad Lichtenstein, Jeff Fitzsimmons and Maddy Power combined sports, social justice, history and virtual reality in their latest project.

Tennis player Arthur Ashe
Credit Wikimedia Commons

The short film, Ashe ‘68, is about immersing the viewer in a pivotal moment in the life of tennis great Arthur Ashe.

"Part of the goal with Ashe '68 was to take you to the day that he won the US Open and kind of put you right there next to him as this important thing is happening," explains Fitzsimmons.

"One of our goals too is to reach young people," adds Lichtenstein. "VR is a technology that is very readily accessible to young people, and a lot of young people don't know the story of Arthur Ashe at all."

The three filmmakers joined us before they left for Sundance to discuss the film and the unique process they used to capture this moment in history.