On That Note: Making An Emotional Connection

Jul 2, 2018

Cellist Robert Cohen joins us every month to discuss some of the aspects of real life for a touring classical musician.  Cohen was formerly a member of a Milwaukee-based ensemble and spent time here each year, even as he maintained - and still maintains - a household in England and tours around the world.

The music he shares can be emotional for listeners.  But Cohen says the experience of sharing the music can be emotional, as well. 

"I know that being emotional and having powerful emotions is really what making music is about," notes Cohen. "The underlying thing will be how much can we get out of the music emotionally and do we connect emotionally as people? And if it works out that we really do, it's definitely going to be really really exciting."

He joins Lake Effect's Mitch Teich for this month's On That Note via Skype from the UK: