Retired Magician Goes Beyond Smoke And Mirrors In New Documentary

Oct 2, 2014

And early Randi straight-jacket escape.

Don’t use the term debunk around James Randi.  

The man known as the Amazing Randi sees himself as an investigator who made a name for himself trying to disprove the grandiose paranormal claims of public figures, from magicians and so-called mentalists to televangelists.  Randi himself is a retired stage magician.

A documentary showing at the Milwaukee Film Festival follows Randi’s efforts to investigate these claims. The film is called An Honest Liar.

 James Randi spoke with Lake Effect’s Dan Harmon about when amusement crosses a line and becomes a con game that needs to be exposed.

"I have to keep up with these things. I feel a burning need for it because a lot of people depend on me for giving them opinions on things that they witness, and I try to give them the correct answers, of course," he says.

Randi and filmmaker Tyler Measom will appear Saturday at the Milwaukee Film Festival.