Sample Some of Milwaukee's Characters in Mozina's 'Quality Snacks'

Jul 18, 2014

Andy Mozina's second book, Quality Snacks, features fifteen short stories about the characters that he grew up with in the Brookfield/Milwaukee area.
Credit Boswell Books

Brookfield native Andy Mozina's second collection of short stories has just been published.

In Quality Snacks, Mozina, who is a professor of English at Kalamazoo College in Michigan, finds many of his characters inhabiting the Milwaukee area of his own childhood.

"People in Milwaukee, you know, they would chop down trees and pour metal into molds and build farm equipment, and then winter would come and they would drink," says Mozina.  "And that's us."

Fifteen stories make up the new collection, which he'll talk about tonight at Boswell Book Company in Milwaukee.