Wisconsin Conservationists Express Opinions on Wildlife and Political Issues

Apr 13, 2016

The majority of Wisconsin's Conservation Congress recommends that the state change the way it selects its DNR secretary, repeal its new iron mining law and cease issuing permits for frac sand mining operations.

The WCC is the only state-recognized citizen advisory body to the Natural Resources Board, and as such, can pass-along opinions to state leaders. 

Each spring, the WCC holds hearings in all of the state's 72 counties, and those occurred this past Monday, with more than 4,300 people taking part.  Advisory questions this year included asking the conservationists whether the Natural Resources Board rather than the governor should choose the DNR secretary, and the results showed an overwhelming preference for giving the job to the Board.

The DNR listed the Summary of Results from the meetings, showing how the counties voted on a wide range of issues, including advisory questions that the WCC posed.

The DNR, in its release highlighted conservationists' votes on fish and wildlife management issues, which could guide future policy.