Comedian Tig Notaro would not have chosen the path that vaulted her to fame and notoriety.  But she has certainly made the most of a tough situation.  Notaro's most well-known narrative was a candid recounting of a tough period of her life, which culminated in her cancer diagnosis.

To devoted public radio listeners, the name Maz Jobrani might sound familiar.

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It’s going to be a funny weekend in Milwaukee. Actually, it already is a funny night….because the 9th Annual Milwaukee Comedy Festival is just underway. 

The Festival features four days of live performances, including stand-up, improv, sketch, and musical comedy acts. It bills itself as the largest comedy event in Wisconsin, and brings in acts from across the nation, and a lot of local talent, as well.

Milwaukee Native's One-Man Show Takes Comedic Look at Me Generation

Jan 17, 2014
Will Durst

Political satirist, stand up comedian and Milwaukee native Will Durst is back in town with a brand new one-man show.

Dylan Moran Facebook

If you set out to name five current stand-up comedians, the name Dylan Moran probably wouldn’t make your list.

8th Annual Comedy Festival Places Milwaukee on the Map

Aug 1, 2013
Guy F. Wicke/Flickr

Back in 2006, Matt Kemple decided that Milwaukee’s comedy scene was sparse and could benefit from expansion - thus the Milwaukee Comedy Festival was born.

courtesy Al Yankovic

For more than three decades, whenever a pop song has reached the status of iconic, Weird Al Yankovic has been there to parody it.