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Going to court, whether it’s as a criminal defendant, to seek a restraining order or even to fight a parking ticket is a stressful experience. But imagine doing it without understanding what the judge or attorneys are saying.

That’s the case for some who are not proficient in English or hearing impaired who end up in a Wisconsin courtroom.

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Voters and advocacy organizations have been crying foul over voter access in Wisconsin's spring election and presidential primary and questioning the decision to go forward with in-person voting during a pandemic.

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A group of defendants from northern Wisconsin is suing over funding and staffing problems in the state Public Defender's Office, arguing the rights of indigent defendants in Wisconsin to competent attorneys and speedy trials have been violated.

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WUWM's Project Milwaukee series last year on the issue of the incarceration rate among African-American men in Milwaukee pointed to the apparent disparities in traffic stops and other citations.  These encounters with the law often result in offenders ending up back in prison.

Marquette Law School To Host Military Court

Apr 13, 2015
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It’s not often that the wheels of military justice turn outside of military courts. And it’s even less often that the public can watch the proceedings. But thanks to the judicial outreach program of the US Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, their courtroom is open to any interested party tomorrow in Milwaukee.

The lawyer for former state Assembly Majority Leader Bill Kramer says his client will plead not guilty to two counts of second-degree sexual assault.

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Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele’s office says the first floor of the courthouse will reopen on Wednesday.

Milwaukee County Board Uses Temporary Space

Jul 12, 2013

The Milwaukee County Board is operational again following a staff relocation.

A number of jury trials will resume next week, as several floors of the Milwaukee County Courthouse open to the public.

The building has been closed this week, because of smoke and electrical damage from a fire last weekend.

The county executive’s office says crews continue to work around the clock to clean up from the smoke, in hopes that floors 5-7 of the courthouse can reopen on Monday. That would allow all criminal, family, small claims cases and jury trials to resume.

The Milwaukee County Board and committees will meet at substitute locations unless the Courthouse reopens.

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Workers are making repairs and cleaning up after a weekend fire at the Milwaukee County Courthouse complex.