MATC Union Says Early Contract Will Deter Instructors from Retiring

Mar 1, 2013

Earlier this week, the MATC Board and its teachers union reached a new one-year contract – months ahead of schedule. The pact takes effect next February, when the existing three-year contract expires.

Faculty contracts in place until Feb. of 2015.

One dissenting board member told us he likes certain provisions, but worries about potential legal exposure if courts decide the contract violates Act 10. It prohibits most public unions from bargaining for anything except limited pay raises.

MATC Economics Prof. Michael Rosen - also president of American Federation of Teachers Local 212, says the union agreed to nearly $15 million in concessions in the new contract to help the college absorb big state funding cuts, and to offer certainty to senior faculty members who were thinking of retiring because of feared future cuts in benefits.