'Screw It': One-Man Show Inspired by 'Doin' Time on the Line'

Aug 25, 2017

Milwaukee has a proud blue collar heritage. For decades, people here worked in factories of all kinds, making everything from engines to padlocks. In Detroit, the factories tended to be automotive. And in 1998, actor and playwright Tim Campos found himself working the line at a Ford plant while trying to keep his theatre dream alive.

Campos eventually transferred to Ford’s Chicago plant… and the rest of the story is told in his one-man show, Screw It: Doin' Time on the Line. Based on nearly a decade of working on the line, Campos plays the role of 45 different characters.

He explains how the factory was a fountain of material for storytelling in an intimate setting: "(It just lends itself to that sort of format). There’s just so much tension and the dynamics of the salary versus non-salary and man versus the machine and all the different characters on the assembly line...It was just a perfect setup for a show."

Campos will perform Screw It at Bay View’s Alchemist Theatre for one night only on Saturday, August 26 at 8 pm.