Three Bridges Park

S Bence

Community group Layton Boulevard West Neighbors hoped to create a bike repair shop. When the spot LBWN selected fell through, organizers did not want to lose momentum. So, the Mobile Bike Hub was born.

Well-known volunteer in the Menomonee Valley, Michael Krajewski put his welding know-how to work to create the three-wheeled wonder. (Krajewski has worked at Falk Corporation in the Valley for than four decades.)

Menomonee Valley Partners

The Menomonee Valley's astounding renaissance is considered a national model of urban revitalization. Now the Valley is pushing into phase two of its rebirth.

Eddee Daniel

Fine art photographer Eddee Daniel spent 2014 as the Menomonee Valley's inaugural artist in residence.

S Bence

Melissa Cook manages the Hank Aaron State Trail. The project has been many years in the making.

Joe Peterangelo

A blend of public/private partnerships have transformed a bleak, blighted Menomonee Valley. Monday, the Public Policy Forum released a report detailing what we can learn – and possibly replicate – in other large scale redevelopment projects. Some valley neighbors share their perspectives.

S Bence

Most kids are back in school by now; that means their outdoor play time is dramatically reduced. That assumes, of course, that children actually spend time playing outside and exploring nature. Data suggests otherwise. 

The Journey House Packer Football Stadium in Mitchell Park has been recognized by Milwaukee Awards for Neighborhood Development Innovation for building community.

E Daniel

Inside a former gasification plant in the Menomonee Valley, people will have a year to view Eddee Daniel’s evolving images of the valley – where years of neglect and today’s rebirth intertwine.

T Cauley

If you haven’t yet visited Milwaukee’s new Three Bridges Park, a local troupe will attempt to lure you.

Protestors worked up about Palermo's Pizza OSHA violations crash park opening celebration in Milwaukee's Menomonee Valley.

After a decade of collecting buckets of public and private funding, a 24-acre park comes to life in the Menomonee Valley.

Milwaukee's Newest: Three Bridges Park

May 16, 2013
Susan Bence

The name Three Bridges Park has been selected for the new park that will open on July 30, in Milwaukee's Menomonee Valley.  Nearly 800 names were suggested.