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Each month, Milwaukee Record's Matt Wild shares some of the best, new releases from local musicians.

Milwaukee Music Roundup: Vincent Van Great & Amanda Huff, L'Resorts, Ladybird, Xposed 4Heads

Vincent Van Great & Amanda Huff, L'Resorts, Ladybird, Xposed 4Heads
From Left To Right: Vincent Van Great & Amanda Huff, L'Resorts, Ladybird, Xposed 4Heads

It’s fall in Milwaukee, but you wouldn’t know it by how the music scene has been heating up. Venues around the city remain open — with some COVID-19 restrictions — and festivals and shows have continued to bring out big crowds. That’s good news for Milwaukee music lover Matt Wild.

Wild is one of the co-founders of Milwaukee Record — which describes itself as an online source for music, culture, and gentle sarcasm. Every month Wild joins Lake Effect to share a sample of what he’s been listening to for the Milwaukee Music Roundup.

Here's the music roundup for October 2021:

Vincent Van Great, Amanda Huff
Double Strawberry Plush

"So Vincent Van Great and Amanda have got together and they recorded a record that they call 'Troublemakers,' which is a fun kind of name for what is a fun kind of record ... I think one of the most fun of them all, it's called Double Strawberry Plush."


"What's really fascinating about L'Resorts is that they put out this — I mean they have — a very specific sound," Wild says. "They kind of call themselves tropical pop and there's a lot of marimbas going on."

"The name of this record is called 'Vacation' very aptly named. It's perfect music for sitting out in the sun, and maybe enjoying a bubbly beverage and just soaking up the rays," says Wild.


"The song, is just kind of a song, about enjoying the open road and enjoying the company of others. I think that's something we could all kind of relate to these days, and the song is called Zoomer," says Wild.

Xposed 4Heads
Switch N Go

This is a band that if you like Devo, you're going to love this band. If you like kind of cheesy sci-fi, that whole kind of vibe, you're going to like Exposed 4heads. This song is 'Switch N Go' from their latest record, called the 'Planet of Gogo.'

Joy is a WUWM host and producer for Lake Effect.
Kobe Brown was WUWM's fifth Eric Von fellow.
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