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'Cream City Dreams' highlights Milwaukee women's dreams turned reality

Shelly Roder (left) and Meagan Schultz are the co-hosts and creators of the "Cream City Dreams" podcast.
Laura Hancock
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Cream City Dreams is produced and co-hosted by Milwaukee-based creatives Meagan Schultz (right) and Shelly Roder.

There’s a new podcast out called Cream City Dreams that shines a light on women in Milwaukee who are making their dreams a reality — whether that be owning a BIPOC children’s bookstore, making vegan ice cream or creating art. Every Wednesday, the podcast features local women who are making their dreams a reality.

Cream City Dreams is produced and co-hosted by Milwaukee-based creatives and friends Meagan Schultz and Shelly Roder. Along with sharing their guests’ experiences, the podcast also seeks to motivate listeners to consider what it would take to make their own dreams a reality.

"I think part of it for Meagan and I was recognizing that at mid-life we both were feeling a sense of like, ‘Oh my gosh we gotta get on with it!’ You know, now is the time to do the stuff that we’ve dreamed of doing,” says Roder.

Image courtesy of Cream City Dreams

The podcast serves as a platform for women to learn about one another, learn about what it takes to make projects come to life and the skills and tricks that others are using to make their dreams a reality. It has become a space for collaboration and inspiration.

"We're both transplants to Milwaukee and just love it here, and love what's happening in the city and the possibility, too, I think for the city. And so [we're] looking at how we can inspire other women who also love their city and who want to do something for it to do it," says Schultz.

Season one of Cream City Dreams is out now and features Milwaukee entrepreneurs such as Vanessa Andrews (also known as Madam Chino); Lai King Moy, the founder of Cadence Cycling, Liv Menzia of Liv a Little Vegan Ice Cream, community artist and muralist Tia Richardson, the creators of Interwovxn, and more.

"One thing I'm noticing through the podcast that I think is very, very interesting is that the women we've interviewed have all felt a lot of support from other Milwaukeeans — even Milwaukeeans who are their competitors," notes Roder.

In the same spirit of offering support, Cream City Dreams also invites listeners to get motivated to create change in their own lives with tips from their guests and local resources. Roder says this aspect of giving tools to others to create change is crucial.

"I look out to the world and see all the potential and possibility and the issues that are really prevalent," she notes. "You don't have to look too far these days to see that there's some problems we as a culture and as a community need to solve."

Schultz also notes that the conversations on the podcast have the potential to go beyond just an idea, especially in "Smallwaukee."

"We're so in need of connection these days so I think the more we can do to encourage that, and if we can be a part of that, great," she says.

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