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WUWM's Driveway Moments Playlist

collage of images from radio stories
Yes, WUWM staff have driveway moments too.

Urban Dictionary defines a driveway moment as: "The inability to leave one's car after arriving at the destination because of the riveting nature of a story you're listening to on the radio; especially on NPR."

(If you already know what a driveway moment is, this is a perfect time to support WUWM.)

However, with how we listen to radio today — from "Alexa, play WUWM" to pulling up the WUWM app on your phone — driveway moments often take place in surprising places and, possibly, under unusual circumstances. Maybe you added a mile on to your walk to finish listening to a story, or you cleaned your entire kitchen — rather than just the one plate — to spend more time listening. Maybe you wanted to look up just one Bubbler Talk story online, but found yourself clicking deeper and deeper into the archives.

It happens. These stories are powerful, they are illuminating, they are life-changing, they are silly.

From your friends at WUWM, here are some of the stories that kept us listening/reading just a little bit longer. Hope you find them just as interesting as we did.

From Susan Bence, environmental reporter

From Erin Frank, Market Enginuity Corporate Sponsorship Sales Representative

From Emily Files, education reporter

From Melanie Johnson, membership manager

From Rob Larry, All Things Considered host and digital producer

From David Lee, director / general manager

From Michelle Maternowski, digital manager

From Becky Mortensen, executive producer of Lake Effect

From Rachel Owens, Morning Edition host

From Chuck Quirmbach, reporter

"Budget War": Satire On PBS "Civil War"
Aired 10/24/1990 on All Things Considered

From Jill Schanon Macek, donor relations specialist

From Maayan Silver, reporter

From Anna Stratton, marketing specialist