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Abortion Protestors in Milwaukee Thrilled by Massachusetts Ruling

LaToya Dennis

The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday dealt a blow to abortion rights activists and to some women seeking the procedure. In a unanimous decision, the court ruled that the 35 foot buffer zone Massachusetts imposed around clinics to keep protestors away, is unconstitutional. We explore what the ruling could mean for Wisconsin.

In Wisconsin, Madison is the only city with a buffer zone rule on its books. It requires protestors to stay at least eight feet away anyone entering or exiting clinics that perform abortions. Dan Miller has been a regular protestor outside Affiliated Medical Services on Milwaukee’s east side.

“We hope that this trickles down to other lower court decisions that are pending at this time, especially in Madison,” Miller says.

The justices, in the Massachusetts case, agreed that its law improperly removed protesters from public sidewalks – violating their free speech rights. The AMS clinic in Milwaukee has been providing escorts for women who want to be shielded from demonstrators.

LaToya was a reporter with WUWM from 2006 to 2021.