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2022 Wisconsin Midterm Election Results

Note:  A portion of the audio in this post is a conversation recorded the morning of Nov. 9 when only some of the races had been officially called.

Here is where you can find 2022 Wisconsin midterm election results for governor, U.S. Senate and other key contests.

For races that aren't included in election night live results from the Associated Press, projected winners will be marked in bold.



Attorney General

Josh Kaul Democratic (Incumbent)
Eric ToneyRepublican

Secretary of State

Doug La FolletteDemocratic (Incumbent)
Amy LoundenbeckRepublican
Neil HarmonLibertarian
Sharyl McFarlandWisconsin Green Party

State Treasurer

Sarah Godlewski Democratic, Not running (Incumbent)
Aaron RichardsonDemocratic
John S. LeiberRepublican
Andrew ZuelkeConstitution


State Senate

District 3

Tim CarpenterDemocratic (Incumbent)
Angel SanchezRepublican

District 5

Dale KooyengaRepublican, Not running (Incumbent)
Jessica KatzenmeyerDemocratic
Rob HuttonRepublican

District 7

Chris J. LarsonDemocratic (Incumbent)
Peter Gilbert Republican

District 21

Van H. WanggaardRepublican (Incumbent)

District 33

Chris KapengaRepublican (Incumbent)

State Assembly

District 7

Daniel Graan RiemerDemocratic (Incumbent)
Zachary Marshall Republican

District 8

Sylvia Ortiz-Velez Democratic (Incumbent)

District 9

Marisabel CabreraDemocratic (Incumbent)
Ryan Michael Antczak Republican

District 10

David BowenDemocratic, Not running (Incumbent)
Darrin Madison Democratic

District 11

Dora DrakeDemocratic (Incumbent)

District 12

LaKeshia N. MyersDemocratic (Incumbent)
Greg Canady Republican

District 13

Sara RodriguezDemocratic, Not running (Incumbent)
Sarah HarrisonDemocratic
Tom MichalskiRepublican

District 14

Robyn ViningDemocratic (Incumbent)
Keva TurnerRepublican

District 15

Joe Sanfelippo Republican, Not running (Incumbent)
Dave MaxeyRepublican

District 16

Kalan Haywood Democratic (Incumbent)

District 17

Supreme Moore OmokundeDemocratic (Incumbent)
Abie EisenbachRepublican

District 18

Evan GoykeDemocratic (Incumbent)

District 19

Jonathan BrostoffDemocratic, Not running (Incumbent)
Ryan ClancyDemocratic

District 20

Christine M. SinickiDemocratic (Incumbent)
Scott HermannRepublican

District 21

Nathan M. JurowskiDemocratic
Jessie RodriguezRepublican (Incumbent)

District 22

Matt BrownDemocratic
Janel BrandtjenRepublican (Incumbent)

District 23

Deb AndracaDemocratic (Incumbent)
Purnima NathRepublican

District 24

Bob TattersonDemocratic
Dan KnodlRepublican (Incumbent)

District 38

Barbara DittrichRepublican (Incumbent)

District 39

Mark BornRepublican (Incumbent)

District 58

Mary Ann RzeszulekDemocratic
Rick GundrumRepublican (Incumbent)

District 60

Daniel E. LarsenDemocratic
Robert Brooks Republican (Incumbent)

District 61

Samantha KerkmanRepublican, Not running (Incumbent)
Max WinkelsDemocratic
Amanda NedweskiRepublican

District 62

Anthony HammesDemocratic
Robert WittkeRepublican (Incumbent)

District 63

Robin VosRepublican (Incumbent)

District 64

Tip McGuireDemocratic (Incumbent)
Ed HibschRepublican

District 65

Tod OhnstadDemocratic (Incumbent)
Frank PetrickRepublican

District 66

Greta NeubauerDemocratic (Incumbent)
Carl HuttonRepublican

District 82

Ken SkowronskiRepublican, Not running (Incumbent)
Deborah DavisDemocratic
Chuck WichgersRepublican

District 83

Chuck WichgersRepublican, Not running (Incumbent)
Nik RettingerRepublican
Chaz SelfIndependent

District 84

Mike KuglitschRepublican, Not running (Incumbent)
Lu Ann BirdDemocratic
Bob DonovanRepublican

District 97

Scott AllenRepublican (Incumbent)

District 98

Christina BarryDemocratic
Adam NeylonRepublican (Incumbent)

District 99

Alec Thomas DahmsDemocratic
Cindi DuchowRepublican (Incumbent)

Milwaukee County Sheriff

Denita Renee Ball Democratic

Milwaukee County Clerk of Circuit Court

Anna Maria Hodges Democratic

Milwaukee County Firearms Referendum - Question 1

Should the Wisconsin Legislature prohibit the import, sale, manufacture, transfer, or possession of semi-automatic “military-style” firearms whose prohibition is allowed under the Wisconsin and United States Constitutions?


Milwaukee County Marijuana Referendum - Question 2

Do you favor allowing adults 21 years of age and older to engage in the personal use of marijuana, while also regulating commercial marijuana-related activities, and imposing a tax on the sale of marijuana?


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