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Homeless Man's Story Touches Magazine's Readers

Adam Morris, Milwaukee Magazine

If you have spent any time at the municipal complex in Wauwatosa, you’ve probably noticed a car that looks the slightest bit out of place in the parking lot. 

Alongside the minivans and hyrbids of suburbia, a blue, and rusty, 1961 Ford Falcon is frequently parked behind the public library.

The story of that car, or more to the point, the story of its owner, is outlined in an essay by Milwaukee Magazine editor Kurt Chandler in the current issue.

"I have a nice car and I went home that day after talking to him and had a nice lunch, I live in a comfortable home and it was miles away from his existence," Chandler says, of meeting the owner.

Chandler says the story “Running on Empty" has spurred an outpouring of interest from readers.

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