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County Exec Abele: Change In Mental Health Oversight "A Good Thing"

Some state lawmakers are pledging that action will still be taken this session to reform Milwaukee County's embattled mental health system.  

Several Republican legislators have said they are fast-tracking a measure that would take control away from the county board of supervisors and transfer it to an appointed board of mainly medical and mental health professionals. And the bill has support from some Democrats, as well.

They say the measure is needed to better avoid situations like a December death of a man being held at the complex, and an earlier study showing medical care at the center to be lacking.

But critics of the bill say it wouldn't take politics out of the equation - but would merely change which politicians have oversight.

Chris Abele is Milwaukee County Executive.  He spoke with Lake Effect's Mitch Teich and offered his thoughts on the proposed changes to how mental health care is delivered in the county.

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