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Milwaukee Magazine Explores the Economics of Wisconsin's Gay Marriage Ban

The cover of Milwaukee Magazine’s March issue features a photo of two brides in the Milwaukee Art Museum’s Windhover Hall, to promotes a story on same-sex marriage in Wisconsin.

But the magazine isn’t wading into the moral or philosophical debate over same-sex marriage, which is not legal in this state – though a recent lawsuit seeks to overturn the ban here.  Instead, the magazine examined what legalizing it could mean from an economic standpoint.

"Now there’s three states – every state that touches Wisconsin, except for Michigan, which also has a constitutional amendment banning it, now has same-sex marriage. And so I think you sort of have to look at it from an economic perspective, and I think people are.  There’s obviously other reasons to do this beside the economics, but it’s an interesting take on it," says writer Abby Callard.

Callard is an assistant editor at Milwaukee Magazine.