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"Crossroads of Civilization" Breathes New Life Into Milwaukee Public Museum

Milwaukee Public Museum

At some point during our school years, we learn something about ancient civilizations – think Babylonia, ancient Greece and Egypt or Sumaria – and how our modern western culture draws heavily from them.

But if you’ve forgotten who invented zero or where our contemporary idea of democratic government first appeared, have no fear. The Milwaukee Public Museum has the exhibit for you.

Crossroads of Civilization is the museum’s first new permanent exhibit in many years, and it focuses on the ancient worlds of the Near East and Mediterranean. Among other things, visitors will finds interactive screens, mummies and even a life sized replica of King Tutankhamun.

Carter Lupton is the museum’s curator of ancient history and Nora Boedeker is a production artist for MPM. They both joined Lake Effect's Claire Moseley in the studio to talk about what it was like putting this collection together and why now was the time to do it.

"I think people can look at this hopefully and sense a commonality, a universality about culture and about human existence and the challenges we all face everyday in some way or another. The specifics vary, but the basics patterns go on," Lupton said.