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Brewers Go Into "Sell Mode" for 2015 MLB Trades

Mike McGinnis
Getty Images
The Brewers traded Carlos Gomez and Mike Fiers to the Astros for four prospects.

When baseball season opened, there were high hopes for the Milwaukee Brewers.  They’d had a rough end to their 2014 season, but the pundits thought they had the potential to bounce back.

But, as we know by now, that didn’t happen – it’s been a struggle all year for the Brew Crew, and that was reflected when the team sent a host of players elsewhere in the last few weeks. 

"(The Brewers) went into 'sell mode' this year, as well they should, the season is lost and you're playing for the future right now," says sports contributor and managing editor at Milwaukee Magazine, Howie Magner. "The question is how far into the future do you have to play for?"

Magner discusses the recent Brewers player trades and what the future of the team could look like: