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Marquette Helps Give Local Social Entrepreneurs a "Boost"


There are many people looking for solutions to complicated social problems. And while people may have ideas, they don't always have the business acumen needed to get started.

"There's a lot of people that have great ideas and want to get them off of the ground, but there is a little bit of a gap in the initial support at the early stage. And that's where we want to focus so that we can help accelerate and scale these organizations to provide broader impact to the community," Marquette social innovation coordinator Kelsey Otero says.

The GSBI Boost workshop is aimed specifically at social entrepreneurship in southeastern Wisconsin. Running for three days in late September at Marquette University, the program will work with eight start-up organizations with a social mission. 

"Most people are drawn just in their core to a problem, and it's usually something that's nagging at them over multiples years," Otero says. "They keep trying to think about what is an innovative solution, how do I go about this and create systemic change?"

The Boost Program, hosted by Marquette University, is accepting applications to be one of the eight finalists through Wednesday, August 26.