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'The Memory Palace' Heads to Milwaukee for Live Taping

The Memory Palace

Host Nate Dimeo is bringing his popular history podcast, The Memory Palace, to life on stage at the Colectivo on Prospect Avenue in Milwaukee.

In his podcast, DiMeo takes on some of the forgotten stories of history, and tells them with the timing of a writer who has worked in TV and as a former rock musician. 

As a self-described radio person, DiMeo worked in public radio for a long time before venturing out as a podcaster. He says he understands why some have been slow to pick up the new form of media. 

"Podcasts are an intentional thing. Like, you have to choose to listen to it. And the magic of radio in so many ways is that you never know what you're going to get... I definitely understand as a radio person why it's taken a while to connect with the form, but it's been a fun form to work in," DiMeo says. 

"I don't think I could've found my own sort of peculiar, idiosyncratic approach if I were working in radio."

While he may miss the spontaneity of traditional radio listening, podcasting has allowed him to show his own unique approach to history. 

"In terms of actually creating something within this form, I don't think I could've found my own sort of peculiar, idiosyncratic approach if I were working in radio," he says. 

DiMeo is now touring with his podcast as a live show, and not just a live taping. He approaches his live events as an actual performance, and tries to incorporate visual elements and revisits some of his old material while also giving a preview of some of his new work. 

"I'm very interested in these sort of old forms of entertainment," says DiMeo. "Since it's so easy to get your entertainment these days and watch any movie on demand... what is it about live performance? And for me it's about the notion of having a unique experience of going some place with an audience and knowing that that thing is never going to happen the exact same way again." 

In fact, DiMeo says to expect some surprise, local performers at his live taping event in Milwaukee. He will be at the back room of Colectivo on Prospect Thursday, May 19.

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