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Critiquing New Restaurants in the Era of Social Media

Adam Ryan Morris
Milwaukee Magazine

Restaurant critic Ann Christenson eats out a lot. That's her job, afterall. And for the cover story of this month's Milwaukee Magazine, she has pulled together some of the most noteworthy, new places to eat in the Milwaukee area. 

When reviewing a new restaurant, she likes to wait a couple months after its initial opening. It's something she believes is beneficial for everyone. 

"Sometimes a restaurant will open and invariably, it will open and there will be kinks to work out," she says. "Whether it's service or food, or a combination of both. Sometimes the full menu isn't available, sometimes they don't even open in their full capacity, their hours and such. So I typically like to wait a little bit."

Of course, that's not always an option and in the digital age it can seem near impossible. "Ten years ago, you did not have social media that was just chronicling every step of the process of a restaurant opening. So the very second a restaurant opens everybody knows about it now," says Christenson. 

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